Monday, August 19, 2013


Hey there! I’ve been doing things. Not, you know, writing, but things. So the Hubs and I have been discussing THE FUTURE. And doing all kinds of grownup things.  Like possibly buying a house. And/or  having a kid. (Note for any family reading this: we are in the planning stages, not in the creating stages of the kids thing. Don’t get too excited yet).  We looked into buying a house, but decided that this was not the moment, so extended our lease another year.

Anyway, as I obsess over things I had, incidentally, come up with a plan already about how to integrate a nursery into our home. Since the den/library was already in the large bedroom and we were in the small one, we would just divide the large room in two with a clever curtain and a rug and… voila! Except. Then one of the shelves fell off of the wall. Wall-mounted shelf, properly mounted, fell right the hell out of the wall, taking a tiny bit of wall with it. So I re-evaluated the whole baby-in-the-same-room-as-bookshelves thing. Later, I was reading about the whole Montessori thing and thought a 100% baby-proofed room would be a good plan.  And then… thinking about it…. For the first few months, the kid will be in our room… no room for that in the 10x10 bedroom. So the Hubs suggests that we switch rooms, making the 11x14 ours and the 10x10 the library/den/future nursery. So… I worked out a floor plan for that. Then we did nothing about it for 6 months (those of you who are regulars here know this is an integral part of my process). 

Then, last weekend, the Hubs says “Let’s do the room switch this weekend”. And I look at him and go “Sure!” So we did. We moved all the stuff out of the den into the living room, took the remaining shelves out of the walls, and Rug Doctored the carpet in the den. Waited for it to dry. Moved all the stuff from the small bedroom to the new, large bedroom and thought “wow, look at all the space we have for activities!” Rug Doctored the carpet in the bedroom/hallway. Went to sleep as we waited for it to dry.  

In the morning, I took a photo of my lotus mural so I could get a large photo of it printed and framed to put in our new bedroom. Then we left the house for a bit because if you’ve ever seen 2 rooms worth of stuff packed into one room… well, it looks like a “furniture edition” of Hoarders. It stressed me out. And I like confined spaces.  Finally, we removed the stuff from the living room back to the new den and felt SO GOOD about ourselves… or you know… worked on not getting into petty arguments over where to put a book shelf. It was day 3, we were tired, it happens.

So now, we basically have 2 new rooms to decorate. Yay and boo. To be fair, neither of the spaces were ever “finished” to begin with, so it’s not a major loss. Just in time, Apartment Therapy decided to do an “August Cure” where you focus on one room! (I joined a week late. Le shrug.) So…. I have plans for this bedroom. Big, green-and-gray plans. Involving furniture! And paint! (Not painted furniture). And draperies!  You’ll be getting a “before” picture in the next post, along with some teasers of what’s going to be happening re: decorating the bedroom. So excited!

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  1. sounds like a whole lotta fun!!! and excitement and fun! =D