Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

Once again, in my constant journey toward self-improvement, I am re-committing to my blog.  I love my blog, but I get busy and forget about it. Writing this does a few things for me : 1) I get to write, something I really love doing but often lack the time to do (see: 3 started and unfinished books). 2) I get to look back on my own personal chronicle of stuff (narcissus, party of 1?). 3) I get more motivated to DO things because I’m (sort of) held accountable here. To you. Or me. Or the internet. Anyway, it’s a good thing to do. So here we go again. 

So I think I’ll summarize what I did with my 2013, since I sort of dropped off the radar. In the summer, I got certified as a  Dance It Out Instructor.

I even started teaching a class. It’s been a bit hit-and-miss, but we’re going to hit the ground running in January. Occasionally, I take part in Dance Fitness events and have gotten amazingly positive feedback from the participants (serious love). It’s so great to be dancing again. Much like writing, it feeds the soul. I have a very hungry soul. Also, I work in an office, which while comfortable and good-paying is not very soul-enriching. I lucked out and don’t have a soul-crushing job, but it’s important to lift yourself up, not just avoid crushing your own spirit.

I’ve kept a plant alive at my office for a year now, so that’s a new record. 
The arrow plant, not the orchid.I will
almost certainly kill the orchid in a year.

My husband and I have had a great year together. We get better and better at communicating (which is an exhausting and challenging task, but well worth it), and went on TWO vacations this year. True, they were both about 4 days long, but that’s more than we’ve had in years. We went on a road trip to see his best friend and then flew out to see his family for Christmas (my family lives nearby).
I’m working on a few things and expect this to be a very busy year. I’m going to start working on opening an Etsy shop so I can create things and have some side income. I’m going to spend a LOT more time on Dance It Out and teaching (another side job). I’m going to sort out the apartment. I think we’re going to commit to one more year here so we can save up and buy a house. (!)
Today starts the Apartment Therapy January Cure, which I’ll begin posting about tomorrow.  Or tonight. Either way, I need to wander around my apartment to do it, so. 

Happy New Year, my dears!

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