Friday, January 31, 2014

UnAnthropologetic- Vol. 1

I know I haven’t been updating my blog. And that’s because I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to do shit around my house. It looks awful. Anyway, I thought maybe I’d branch out a bit here. I have a deep and abiding love for Anthropologie. If money were no object, my house would be decorated by and my closet would be full of Anthro. Sadly, I live in a world that does not allow me to buy many of the things made by the good people of Anthropologie, for the simple reason that my wallet cannot take it.
This made me sad for a while. Then I realized the internet could fix this. So I present to you my UnAnthropologetic interpretations of my favorite looks from Anthropologie’s January  Lookbook. (The February ones to follow VERY shortly).

Look 1: Anthropologie’s Vernalis Maxi Dress ($198), Fringed Suede Jacket ($428), Blue Roses BibNecklace ($198), Grommet Savvy Belt ($38).

UnAnthropologetic Pieces: Dress- Modcloth ($60), Motorcycle jacket- JCPenny ($20), Necklace-Nordstrom ($48), Belt-Target ($15)

Savings: $719

I’d tell you what you could buy, where you could go, whatever with that savings, but let’s be honest: we were never going to buy the entire Anthro outfit, no matter how fabulous it is because the money has to go to bills. But hey! My way, you get food, shelter AND a cute outfit. Score!
Where to wear it: An evening dinner date or, if you like being ethereal, a beach bonfire.

Look 2: Anthropologie’s Nighthawk Drops ($28), Gold Filigree cuff ($48), Lace-framed dress ($178),Morningside Scarf ($48)

UnAnthropologetic Pieces: Earrings- Icing ($9), Cuff-Forever21($5), Dress- ModCloth ($58),  Scarf- Nordstrom  ($20)

Savings: $210

Where to wear it: Work, church, brunch or the movies.

Notes: For the earrings, this is one of those times where finding a stand-in is probably not worth the effort. I did it for YOU because that’s what I’ve set out to do here. But brass tax: I’d just buy the earrings at Anthro. Unfortunately, they've disappeared from the site. I don't know what happened.

Look 3: Anthropologie’s Pilcro Avie Denim Jacket ($128), Layered Lace Tank ($138), Pilcro HyphenStriped Chinos ($98), Trapeze Hoops ($68), Field Day Booties ($138).

UnAnthropologetic Pieces: Denim Jacket- Old Navy ($35), Crochet tank- Free People  ($48), Chinos- H&M ($25), Earrings- Icing ($10), Booties- DSW ($55).

Savings: $397

Where to wear it: To a ball game, to the park, to the movies or a pub quiz – anywhere you’re one of the guys, this will cover you.

Notes: Originally I had a different crochet tank, but it sold out, so I found this one. Wear a white tank top under this one.  I think Old Navy makes the best denim jackets. Cheap, fairly well-cut and reasonably timeless, they’re good stuff. I mean, my FAVORITE jean jacket is still my dad’s Wrangle jacket from the 70s, but since I have been barred from stealing it (again), this will do.

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