Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Cure – Days 5 & 6

So we’re at meditating and minimizing now. Day 5 is to be spent sitting in a weird spot for 10 minutes contemplating your home from a new angle. Day 6 is to set up an outbox. 

In case you missed it last year, here's how an outbox works:

My days 5 & 6? Oh, you know, getting over my annual flu, still working on cleaning floors (days 2-5), need to put away Christmas decorations, still need to buy flowers (but I WILL do that today). Bright side? I have an extra 10 minutes AND I set up an outbox last year. It really is a good thing to have. So, I need to put a few things in it. And I did get the bathroom floor spotless, so that was nice. And the porch. Which was a bitch. (The eucalyptus trees shed ALL of their leaves onto my porch. Constantly.)

So if I can just put away Christmas decorations, clean all of the floors and rehearse for my class tomorrow, and cook dinner, all while “taking it easy while I’m still getting over this flu” tonight, it should all be aces. 

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