Sunday, February 2, 2014

UnAnthropologetic- Vol.3

Happy Groundhog day! I have scoured the internet to bring you  another entry of UnAnthropologetic interpretations of my favorite looks from Anthropologie’s February Lookbook.

Look 1: Anthropologie’s NewMoon Dress ($178), Ballina Earrings ($38), and Nerium Bracelet  ($58).

UnAnthropologetic Pieces:  Dress- Modcloth ($58), Earrings- Icing ($10), Woven Bracelet – Cost Plus World Market  ($10)

Savings: $196

Where to wear it: This one says daytime to me. To the park, to class, to a barbecue, on a daytime date. Alternatively, it’d be great for a dinner party or for meeting someone’s parents. Anthropologie seems to see that the outfit is best work at a lantern festival while making new, hesitant young Chinese friends. So you’ve got options.

Look 2: Anthropologie’s Lunation Tee ($38), Swingstripe Skirt ($88), Windchime Pendant Necklace ($398), Canopy Circle Clutch ($58), Medocie Flats ($98), Elizabeth and James HanoverSunglasses ($225).

UnAnthropologetic Pieces: Tee-Talbots ($25), Skirt-  ModCloth ($43), Necklace- Forever21 ($9), Purse:- ($30), Flats- Payless ($25), Sunglasses- Modcloth ( $12).

Savings: $761

Where to wear it: To an art gallery, a matinee theater performance, out to dinner, to a friend’s party- anything that feels special but not formal.

A couple of notes: Anthropologie has seriously unique purses. Finding surrogates for the bags took as long as everything else put together, and they just capture the feel, they are not doppelgangers.  If you love an Anthro bag, buy the Anthro bag. You are NOT going to find a knock-off version. Trust me.  Also, a lot of times, their jewelry is fairly reasonably priced. This is not one of those times. So that’s where a large portion of the difference came in. With the money saved, you could pay your rent. And probably should, anyway.

PS: This time, Forever21 lost the necklace. I guess the moral of the story is, if you see jewelry you like, buy it immediately.

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