Tuesday, February 4, 2014

UnAnthropologetic- Vol. 4

This is the last of my take on Anthropologie’s amazing February Lookbook. Enjoy!

Look 1: Anthropologie’sPilcro Avie Denim Jacket ($128), Lunation Tee ($38), Camo Pencil Skirt ($148), Perola Necklace ($278), Florid Clutch ($58)

UnAnthropologetic Pieces: Denim Jacket- Old Navy ($35), Scoop T-Gap ($10 reg. $15), Pencil Skirt- Khols ($20),  Necklace-Forever 21 ($14), iPad Case- Asos ($37).

Savings: $116

Where to wear it: Depending on your office, you could wear this to the office. Alternatively, out for happy hour or to a (seated) concert. Great for a lunch get-together on a Saturday.

A couple of notes: Again, I’ve discussed the Anthropologie purse situation.  This one’s actually insanely loud, but as you can see, with the right monotone outfit, it’s adds some graphic cool-girl punch.  This IS the same jacket from the other day. See, you can wear it again! And again! And again! (Though that’s true of any jean jacket, really.) Also, I know, it's an iPad case and not a clutch. But it's soft-sided, so honestly, it's the same thing. Think outside the bag!

 Look 2: Anthropologie’s Midday Dress ($98), Flotilla Booties ($138), Tidepool Scarf ($118), IndigoTassel Necklace ($108)

UnAnthropologetic Pieces:Dress- Modcloth ($50), Booties- DSW ($55), Scarf- The Hunger Site ($32), Necklace- elinspired: etsy ($36)

Savings:  $173

Where to wear it: To your friend’s house for game night, out shopping, to the park, even to work.  Anthropologie thinks you might want to wear it whilst riding your bike out to the  local street market in an emerging market country, but since that would necessitate shorts that I have not listed and a passport  and a helmet (or this awesome scarf helmet!), I’m not going to suggest you do that. But you could.

Notes: Once again, you’re donating food when you purchase this scarf! Nice one! Go you! Also, I don’t love including etsy as a source in these, since most of the items are one-offs (or marked up Indonesian goods that can be had for less elsewhere). However, I made an exception this time. Mostly because you could wander down to the craft store, buy a skein of embroidery floss and a bag of wooden beads and make it yourself. But I’m telling you where to buy stuff, not to take up crafting. So. Etsy.

Look 3: Anthropologie’s Ivorie Dress ($188), Sparkled Leis Belt ($58), Chibae Earrings ($38), AnglaiseBracelet ($48)

UnAnthropologetic Pieces:  Dress- ModCloth ($75), Belt- Nordstrom ($45), Earrings- Modcloth ($18), Bracelet- Forever 21 ($8)

Savings:  $186

 Where to wear it: Out! Church,  a nice party, a special dinner. This one is perfect for an event.  But don’t wear it to a wedding if you’re not the bride (cute for a courthouse bride). It’s tacky to wear white to a wedding if it’s not your wedding. It just is.

Notes: The belt here is another example of “if you love it, buy the real thing” In THIS case, it’s because Anthro’s version is actually the least expensive true ideation of this concept. As you can see, my best efforts only knocked the cost down 23%. So buy it and cherish it.

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