Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm still here

I really haven't forgotten about you! It's been such a busy week. I've been going to the gym EVERY night. I'm proud of myself, but it does leave precious little time to write. But. BUT. I am going to post on my fabulous new wall cubes tomorrow (they just need ONE more layer of tongue oil to make me a very happy camper).

ALSO, as I have a nicely empty Saturday, I am going to do the filing cabinet! (Yay!) I'm fairly certain I'm going with the black-bronze combination as it will fit with more rooms in the future (and go VERY nicely in the rooms of the present).

My very sexy husband put in a very sexy dimmer switch in our bedroom, so we no longer have to worry about our 60's-style-scarf-on-a lamp solution setting the apartment on fire. Unfortunately, he also found that the wiring in our unit is shockingly (dangerously?) sub-par, so we may die in a fire anyway. Or get electrocuted in the bathroom as it doesn't have an in-wall breaker.

My mother is now on a mission to find us an apartment with non-lethal wiring, but we shall see. I just finished the mural, damnit!

Also, happy Friday!

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