Thursday, January 3, 2013

Are You There, Readers? It’s Me, Blogger.

Apparently, I’ve neglected my blog for pretty much all of 2012. Bad! But, as Jenny Lawson has so beautifully put it, this year is the Library, and so, I shall write my blog. In the Library. I have so many things to share. I finally covered those damn dining chairs. I painted my bathroom walls turquoise ombre! I got all the extra shit out of the second room!  I have plans for the outdoor dining set! I’ve even managed to keep a few plants alive! I am blossoming! But… um…. I’ve been ignoring you. And that’s no good. So here’s the deal. I’ll check in at least once a week if you will. We’ll meet up, drink coffee in our pajamas, and catch up. Hell, you can even tell me what you’re up to in the comment if you want, I don’t mind. We’re in the Library. For January, anyway, other than posting projects I’ve already done, I’ll be writing about my participation in Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. In true “perfect” style, I’m already a day behind, but there’s still hope, gentle reader. There’s still hope.  Today, I will be making a list of all the projects to be done this month (year) and sharing that with you! 

The Outbox 
As I am a day late and a dollar short (as per usual) I will also be setting up an Outbox today. What is an Outbox, you ask? It is a box (or closet, or room or drawer or corner or whatever) where you put things that seem like they could find their way “out” of your life. I actually kind of have one set up right now. It’s going to become the official Outbox.  

My Outbox is a white plastic set of drawers in the back room, but yours could be whatever you like. The point is, you put things in there, then once a week, consider if you need them. If the answer is yes, they must immediately find a home. If the answer is maybe, it goes back in the box another week. If the answer is no? Off it goes to be donated, regifted, or recycled, depending on the condition that it is in. Look, I made you a flow chart!

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