Thursday, January 10, 2013

More on Creepy Windows

Day 7 of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure is kind of a blogging non-starter. I need to invite some friends over for February so they can see my apartment in all its post-Cure glory.

But the creepy windows are still vexing me. I showed the hubs all the different samples I showed you here, but it turns out…. I kind of hate the ones he likes.  He thinks we shouldn’t put up white because the walls are tar-stain white (my name for the color. It’s probably officially called “cheapest we could make off-white”) and it will underscore the problem.

 Of course, my beautiful, wonderful, adorable friend Fio offered to come over for a “painting party”, so it’s entirely possible that the wall color won’t be an issue. How do I have awesome enough friends to volunteer to come over and help paint my apartment? Honestly, luckiest girl in the world right here.

ANYWAY, the other issue is that I went and measured the windows, and they are MUCH larger than the 24x36” that most of these rolls come in. They are in fact 23.5 x 47 inches. And I know I could line up the paper, but then there would be a seam. In a window. Super obvious, and the kind of thing likely to send me to the nuthouse eventually (well, sooner than is already expected).

This morning, while agonizing over this, I remembered that the amazing Daniel over at Manhattan Nest had a similar problem with creepy glass doors in his last apartment and covered his glass with sheer white fabric. Which is totally cheaper. And he made a tutorial. Because he is a damn DIY superhero. 

So now I need to
  1. Find a good, cheap white fabric and 
  2. Figure out what color to paint that room so that I can
  3. Convince the hubs that this is, in fact, an excellent idea. Once I convince myself of that.
    Also we need new curtains. 
I think the January Cure might be more expensive than just about any other cure out there.

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