Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 3 of the January Cure: Floors & Flowers

Continuing on in this January Cure, this weekend was dedicated to cleaning the floors and buying flowers. Buying cut flowers is apparently important. They bought several bunches. In true “perfect” fashion, I bought the cheapest fresh-looking ones available and supplemented with a stolen palm branch (thanks, apartment!).  But my vase matches my cake stand, so I get points for that, right? Right. 

I was also supposed to buy green cleaners but I HAVE baking soda and a gallon jug of vinegar, and I didn’t make it to the green grocer and this girl does NOT pay 60 cents for a lemon unless it’s an emergency. Especially if I need several. No way, jose. So I got some carpet cleaner (not on their list), toilet cleaner with bleach (not on their list), some dawn dish soap (not the biodegradable soap on their list), and some sponges (hey! That one’s actually on the list!). 

Natural cleaners are great in the kitchen. Natural cleaners are great in general. I myself use a damp cloth to dust with. Natural cleaners do not fly in the bathroom with me.  You know what’s natural? Germs. You know what germs occur naturally in? Bathroom things. So I bring bleach, and nature can suck it. Yeah, you heard me.

Oreo liked the tree. He was not pleased when it went away.
Anyway, it was a rough weekend, so real cleaning didn’t happen until Sunday when we took down the Christmas tree.

So…. the floors maybe aren’t mopped yet?  And I maybe just did a basic vacuuming of the living room? But the hallway, den, and bedroom floors are CLEAN. Like, roll on the floor clean. 

Plus, I reorganized the kitchen (finally) to reclaim some counter space. When the brother-in-law lived with us, he reorganized the kitchen so that my KitchenAid mixer wouldn’t have to be pulled forward every time we used it. Which is good. But it meant that the microwave moved from its happy little microwave hutch onto the counter and ate all the counter space.

And then there was extra space on the hutch, and you know how random crap is attracted to empty space. 

So, the (red) toaster oven moved over next to the (red) KitchenAid mixer and the microwave moseyed into the unused corner at an angle, and it’s making me fairly happy right now. 

Except I don’t know where to put my adorable Anthro-like measuring cups now, but maybe some hook installation is in order. We’ll see. Now if I could just repaint the cabinets and install my red knobs and maybe put in a backsplash, I’d be one rapturous camper. (Happy +40)

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