Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January "Cure", my @ss

Getting your shit together is HARD. I myself managed to get a massive ear infection that wiped out my energy almost completely. I did manage to clean the fridge inside and out AND do the top pantry cabinet, so that was a good accomplishment (I’ll share photos later. Probably.).

But, um…. I seem to be behind on this January Cure situation.  Mostly because I had a January Illness (hello, irony, party of 1- actually, it's January. It's not remotely ironic that I got sick. I almost ALWAYS catch something in January). I made a list of all the shit I’m behind on. 

Catch-Up Projects:
Day 3: floors
-mop kitchen
-mop bathroom
-deep clean living room rug

Day 7: invites
-create an invite and invite people over for February

Day 8: kitchen
- clean oven
-clean stove
-clean & organize drawers
- clean food storage shelves & organize (1/2 done)
-clean sink
-clean flatware/glassware shelves

Day 9: landing strip
- purchase coat hanger (or hooks & mount to back of changing table)
-purchase recycle mail bin
-mount coat hanger
-get tall side table (or move filing cabinet next to door.. or hang a shelf?)
- make a landing strip (it’s a place to put your KEYS DOWN, not the other kind of landing strip)

Day 10: work on your project
-clean the windows
-decide on a paper and/or give up and hang curtains

I think I need to extend the January Cure by 2 days to account for January Illness. Also, I really don’t want to invite people over in February. It’s a short month, and my birthday’s right in the middle of it. Which also, while we’re on it, I don’t really want to celebrate my birthday anymore. The last 2 birthdays were pretty sad and while maybe I can con my friends into throwing me a party this year (because I threw parties for 2 of them), if I have to plan my own birthday, it’s going to involve a book, a blanket, and liberal administration of vodka sodas. Oh, and a guest list of 1.

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