Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 1 & 2 of the January Cure: Making a List and Creating an Out Box

So, in accordance with the January Cure I mentioned in my big re-start post, I have Made a List of the Major Things I want to Change in my Apartment and Set up an Outbox AND Put One Thing In It.

Ok, starting with step 2 (‘cuz it’s shorter), I re-appropriated a drawer of a plastic crate that I got when the Hub’s brother lived with us for a bit and put several things in it.

In went :
  • the feather pen from our wedding guest book (because really, it just takes up space wherever I put it and honestly, who uses a ball-point quill?)
  • our first block of knives that has been living next to our newer, better block of knives for 3 years for no apparent reason (ok, because I’m a packrat)
  • some perfume I have never used and never will

Step 1, the list:

The gist of the list is that you go around your house and jot down every little thing that needs help. THEN you pick 2-5 per room to put on the real list and work on.The real list consists of your proposed SOLUTIONS to those problems.
Living Room:
  1. Create a cord-wrangling system of a box and ties to take care of the rabbit's warren of cords in the TV area.
  2. Get a chair-cover for KC's cracked leather office chair (or replace it?).
  3. Re-edge the area rug (Rayne the cat has taken to fraying the hell out of it).
  4. Put folding tables in the back room (possibly give away).
  5. Sort out shelf situation.
Dining Room/Kitchen:
  1. Put up shadow boxes you made last year.
  2. Find a home for the printer (maybe somewhere where it could plug in....)
  3. Put the toaster oven on the microwave hutch.Put the crockpot on the lower hutch shelf for easy storage.
  4. Replace the stove hood light bulb.
  5. Clean off the fridge.
  6. Organize the cabinets and drawers.
  1. Touch up the paint.
  2. Add drawer liners.
  3. Clean tub & shower curtain.
  1. Clear off desk
  2. Pick up floor
  3. Organize closet shelves
  1. Put up window film (clean windows)
  2. Remove random shelf anchors/shelves/patch wall
  3. Organize craft closet

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